MirrorKote – Mirror Splashback in Perth

MirrorKote is a new range of reflective surfaces that can be toughened and used for previously unsuitable areas, such as kitchens and commercial settings.

Once toughened, MirrorKote can be used behind a gas cooktop becoming a state-of-the-art, heat-resistant mirror. MirrorKote splashbacks are tempered, making them heat resistant at high temperatures, and therefore ideal for kitchen applications as well as décor needs. MirrorKote is available in large-scale interior applications, too – ideal for dressing rooms, bathrooms and similar spaces.

Another very practical use for mirror splashbacks, and mirror surface applications in general, is to improve lighting in any area. This is often very useful in kitchen and bathroom environments where onsite lighting needs enhancement or where natural lighting is low.

Smoked mirror glass can also be used for subtle, interior-design friendly lighting that matches your cooking and dining area. These mirror surfaces work well with all the latest modern interior designs, offering a great range of choices for your home décor needs.

Top-Quality Mirrors for Your Home

We use advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies combined with our team’s many years of experience to create our mirror surfaces. All our products are flawlessly made, ensuring perfect mirror surfaces and tough, durable mirrors which will last for many years.

Looking for Mirrors in Perth? Ask WA GlassKote

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