Colour Range

Due to a strong relationship with Dulux they have given us an exclusive tinting service that allows access to over 2000 colours. These come from the Dulux Master Palette Fandeck, the Powder Coat, and the Australian standards colour chart.

When choosing a colour, keep in mind “standard” glass has a green hue. This is due to iron compounds and has a significant effect on white or lighter colours and is impossible to alter.  One way to maximise tint accuracy and minimize this effect is to use a special glass such as Diamant Extra Clear, Starphire, or Optiwhite. We’re happy to discuss this option and it is worth mentioning that some find the green hue a feature.

Sparkle coats consist of a sparkle flake mixed into a clear base paint. This is applied first and left to dry overnight. Once dry, solid colour is sprayed over the top. This provides a glistening effect to any of the solid colours. Black sparkle is by far the most popular. A metallic paint consists of a metallic flake that also has a tinted colour within it. No backup colour is required, other than an opacifying coat.

Classic Colours

Clarity Colours