About Us

WA GlassKote is Perth’s largest coloured glass specialist, introducing splashbacks to WA about 16 years ago.  Since then it has installed over 50,000 splashbacks into an array of applications, ranging from single dwellings, apartment block complexes to exterior claddings on hi rises.
This is why we confidently offer a 10-year warranty.

WA GlassKote provides a turnkey in-house solution for all your coloured glass needs.  Its factory houses state-of-the-art glass processing technology which also incorporates a toughening plant.  A full in-house capability enables GlassKote to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price.

GlassKote offers two colour ranges namely Clarity and Classic, both of which are continually updated to keep pace with changing trends.  For that bespoke look however, our colour matching technology does allow for an almost infinite selection.

GraphiKote™ is our newest creation which has been in the making for some years.  GraphiKote™ now gives you the opportunity to digitally embed any image or graphic into glass, whether it be a cityscape, a family portrait or marble effect. The scope is endless and is only limited by one’s imagination.

GlassKote Applications

GlassKote offers an almost limitless scope of effects and finishes to an array of glass types creating a world of new and exciting applications.

Already GlassKote has been applied to architectural elements such as cladding (Spandrel Glass), internal feature walls, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry splashbacks, furniture and signage to mention only a few.

With GlassKote, you can choose the exact colours and textures you desire while taking advantage of the inherent beauty, functionality and durability of glass.
We can develop individual colours and styles and will work with your architect, designer or kitchen company to achieve the look you’re after.

Applications Include:

> Kitchen Splashbacks
> Shower Walls
> Furniture
> Commercial Interiors
> Bathroom Backsplash
> Closet Doors

> Elevators Partitions
> Wall Treatments
> Exterior Spandrel
> Counter Tops
> Escalator Walls
> Cabinet Doors

> Foyers
> Laundry Walls
> Vanity Counters
> Signs
> Pillars
> Whiteboards

A Large Range of Colours

Classic Colours

Clarity Colours