Groutless Tiles in Perth – Porcelain Splashback

Groutless Tiles are large single porcelain tiles that offer exceptional performance in all areas of solid applications. Groutless tiles are very widely used in modern interior design as excellent surfaces to match advanced modern designs and to enhance the look and feel of living spaces.

Thanks to their revolutionary physical and mechanical properties, Groutless Tiles are ideal for use as a kitchen splashback or high-value décor feature in any environment. Owing to the perfect flatness of the slabs and easy handling, groutless tiles offer unique and creative architectural qualities for interiors and design.

Our Groutless Tiles Range

WA GlassKote offers a handpicked selection of modern current colours and tile configurations, which includes beautiful marble, oxide, and stone effects. Our groutless tiles are the very latest authentic modern look tiles you’ll have seen on many interior design sites and design magazines.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility now processes the big 3000mm x 1000mm (3m x1m) groutless tiles. We also offer a very quick and efficient installation timeframe to match your schedule for new builds and renovations.

As you can see from our pictures below, groutless tiles really do offer some intriguing, fascinating design options. Choose your tile style, colours and textures from our huge range of different tiles, and see what’s possible for your home.

Speak to Our Experts about Your Design Needs

WA GlassKote can offer you a full range of groutless tiles for any interior design. Whether you want the very latest for a fabulous, modern home or top-quality tiles for renovations on a traditional home, we can help.

Browse our range and ask our tile experts for any help you need. We can assist with tile selection, specific custom design needs, and all the useful practical guidance you need. Come and explore your design choices with our experts, and find the perfect tiles for your home.

Talk to Our Team about Groutless Tile Design

If you’re trying to bring a fabulous interior to life with top-quality tiling, just call us for all the help you need with groutless tiles. Call (08) 9303 9256 or contact us online. Our tile specialists will help you with all aspects of tile selection, installation, and any support and guidance you need.