Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops in Perth

Porcelain benchtops have become a major design feature in recent years, for many practical reasons. Porcelain surfaces are super-tough, very low maintenance and offer uniquely beautiful, elegant design choices for interiors.

Our Advanced Laminam Porcelain Benchtops

WA GlassKote offers a truly unique, advanced form of porcelain benchtop that is made by Laminam, a leading manufacturer. These benchtops are available in a wide range of colours and styles, and offer superior performance as super-tough, super-durable benchtops.

Product features include:

  • Ultra-Tough Surfaces: You can literally chop and cut directly on top of these porcelain surfaces, which are scratch, cut and impact resistant.
  • Stain Resistance: Benchtop surfaces are fully stain resistant. They can be restored back to their original state with some water and a good wipe, even after one a big marathon cooking event.
  • Heat Resistance: These porcelain benchtops are extremely heat resistant to 220 degrees. This very high level of heat resistance makes them ideal for cooking areas.
  • Designer Choices: The huge versatility of modern porcelain surfaces offers a fabulous range of choices and colours to go with any interior design. This is a particularly useful feature when you’re doing a custom design and need a matching surface for your interior.


Choosing Your Porcelain Benchtop

It’s a good idea to extensively explore your options when choosing your porcelain benchtop. Consider colours, texture, and any onsite customisation needs your interior may require. Talk to our kitchen specialists and discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy to assist.

Call Us and Ask About New Porcelain Benchtops

To find out more about our range of porcelain benchtops in Perth, give us a call on (08) 9303 9256 or contact us online. Speak to our friendly team about your design options, installation requirements and more!